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Construction Materials Testing

Ryzuk's materials testing laboratory is a specialized component within the company. Comprised of highly trained and skilled technologists and technicians, who in collaboration with the materials engineering division, are dedicated to ensuring construction materials conform to required project design specifications.
Performing a variety of tests both on site and in laboratory the materials testing team monitor factors such as the strength, density, and permeability of various materials, in effort to increase the product longevity and reduce future maintenance or upgrades.
Soil Testing
  • Compaction, In-place density testing

  • Washed grain size sieve analysis

  • Laboratory Compaction test (granular and clay)

  • Liquid and Plastics Limits

  • Specific Gravity

  • Soil Resistivity

Concrete Testing

  • Concrete Testing

  • Grout Testing

  • VICAT Testing

  • Block Fill Testing (Pin Wheel Testing)

  • Flexural Beams

Aggregate Testing

  • Bulk Relative Density

  • Percentage Flat and Elongated Particles

  • Percentage Fractured Particles

  • Sand Equivalent

  • Soundness (Magnesium Sulphate)

  • Organic Impurities

Asphalt Testing

  • Marshall Mix Compliance

  • Marshall Properties Only

  • AC Content and Gradation

  • Percent Compaction – Core

  • Percent Air Voids – Core

Scope of Materials Testing
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