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Geotechnical Engineering

Division of engineering science focusing on the principles of rock and soil mechanics to determine solutions to various earth engineering challenges. Through investigation and analysis geotechnical engineers are able to comprehensively evaluate ground conditions in order to solve problems for design and construction.


Scope of Engineering Practice

  • Geotechnical Assessments and Reporting

  • Shallow and Deep Foundation Engineering

  • Slope Stability Assessments

  • Earth Retention Structures

  • Braced Excavations and Anchored Wall Support Systems

  • Ground Improvement and Settlement Analysis

  • Micro-Tremor Surveys and Earthquake Engineering

  • Soil Instrumentation and Monitoring

  • Shoreline Revetments

  • Rockfall Hazard Assessment and Protection Measures

  • Materials Engineering and Testing

  • Coastal/Tsunami Hazard Analysis

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